2016: the year of the Marathon

It’s all official then: I’m running the London Marathon.

By looking at the dates, you might notice that it’s been some time since the first two posts on this blog were done – although given I didn’t actually tell anyone I’d started this blog it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, while I’d had verbal confirmation of my London Marathon entry I didn’t want to tempt fate by saying too much about it before it was all official. You know, just in case.

Well… it’s now official. I have an email from the London Marathon which has the word ‘confirmation’ in the subject line and everything. Scary.

Since it’s all official now and I can’t stop denying it any longer, I’ll plan to write some more stuff here. And actually tell people about this blog. Honest.

I’m also going to start pushing on the charity front shortly, so expect to see the online equivalent of me shaking a charity collection box at you.

It’s for a good cause, honest. More of which soon.


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