Here comes the rain: running conditions ranked (part 2)

What are the absolute worst conditions to run in? Rather than conduct a scientific study to find out, I just made up a list off the top of my head. You can read the first part here. This is the top ten countdown of the worst conditions to run in, in descending order of general unpleasantness.

10: Heavy rain

Can be unpleasant. If I wanted to get this wet with my exercise, I’d go swimming.

9: Ice

I love ice hockey. I don’t love trying to find some semblance of grip on a patch of black ice while running. Comedy pratfalls are common.

8: Indoors

Alright, technically ‘indoors’ isn’t actually a climactic condition. But you can run indoors – on a treadmill. It sounds great: you can escape the weather and run inside, in controlled conditions. But in my experience, it’s a bit boring. Unless you’re in a gym with a really nice view out the window, you’re just staring at the same thing while running.

7: Thunderbolts and lightning

Very, very frightening.

6: Wind

There are two types of wind that afflict runners. Ahem. The one relevant to this piece is never fun to run in. Why so bad? Because you can’t see it coming. Well, I guess you can if you own a wind sock, but that’s a luxury few enjoy.

Running into a headwind is mighty frustrating: it’s as energy-sapping as running up a steep hill. Except you can’t see the thing that’s causing you pain, and you never really know when it’s going to stop.

Of course, the wind can benefit you, if you can get pushed along by a tailwind. But the trouble with wind is that it’s never consistent. Somehow you just know that, after you’ve spent interminable miles trudging into a headwind, the wind will drop or change direction before you benefit from that tailwind.

5: Hail

It’s kind of like running in the rain, but it hurts when it hits you.

4: Wind and heavy rain

It’s like running with someone spraying a hosepipe at you. With cold water. Yeah, don’t like this.

3: Wind, heavy rain and dark

It’s like running with someone spraying a hosepipe at you. With cold water. In the dark. Yeah, really don’t like this.

2: Wind, heavy rain and cold

A strong wind makes you cold. Getting wet makes you colder. So being hit by wind and rain when it’s already cold? It’s about as miserable as you can get when it comes to running conditions. What could make it worse?

1: Wind, heavy rain, cold and dark

No. Just no.

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