Countdown: 14 weeks to go…

There are 97 days until this year’s London Marathon. That sounds… quite close. Unless, that is, you think of it as 14 weeks – and then work out how much training that involves.

Pretty much everyone running the marathon is likely to spend a huge chunk of the next 14 weeks training, involving a gruelling slog of long runs and hard miles. Think of it like that, and 97 days seems quite a long time…

Still, it’s all part of the fun. Apparently.

Anyway, today I started ramping up the miles today by doing half-a-marathon’s worth of running, with a 13.1-mile trek that involved a full lap of Richmond Park – and that meant tackling a handful of steep hills. That’s officially the furthest I’ve ever run, and I emerged relatively unscathed.


Since it takes some time to run 13.1 miles, I had lots of thinking time. Among my observations:

  • Richmond Park is beautiful when there’s a light dusting of snow on the ground
  • Running up hills hurts (I already knew this, but it bears repeating)
  • Energy gels are weird. Not quite solid, not quite liquid. Hmmm.
  • Why do some people wearing wellington boots insist on sticking to the dry bit of a footpath, forcing a trainer-shod runner to run through a muddy puddle?
  • Did I mention running up hills hurts?
  • How is it possible to do a full lap of Richmond Park without seeing at least one deer? Not one. There are hundreds of the things in there…
  • 13.1 miles is a long way. And, er, you’re saying that’s only half of a marathon?
  • Yikes…

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