So you’re running a marathon…

Doing the London Marathon is a bit of a conversation starter. It might just be people being polite, but everyone certainly acts very interested. Although that could just be because I’m otherwise not that interesting, unless you want to talk racing cars or ice hockey.

Most British people don’t want to talk ice hockey. Their loss. Go Canucks.

Moving on. When people discover I’m doing the London Marathon, I’ve heard some responses more than others. They often amuse me (in a good way, honest). Here are some some of the things people say, with my usual reply where appropriate.

Things people say when they find out you’re running a marathon:

“Really? A marathon? That’s a long way you know.” Yes it is a long way. So I’ve been told.

“A marathon? Are you mad?” Possibly. Probably.

“A marathon? Are you stupid?” Possibly. Probably.

“What time are you aiming for?” Time? At this stage, I just want to make sure I can finish…

“So, how is the training going?” Okay, I think. I’ve been going outdoors and running around in the cold a lot.

“Have you done one before?” No. “Oh. Well, that will be… interesting.”

“I’d love to run a marathon, but… [insert list of reasons why they couldn’t run a marathon here].”

“I’ve done the London Marathon. It’s amazing. You’ll love it! [Cue inspiring minute-by-minute recap of their previous marathon outings]”

“A marathon? You must really love running.” Ask me again on April 25.

Oh, and the other thing people say…

“Good for you. I’ll sponsor you!”

Which is a cheeky excuse to mention that I’m running the London Marathon in aid of the South West Children’s Heart Circle. They supported me and my family when I had a heart operation, and it is a hugely worthy cause. To sponsor me, just click the big button below.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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