This week’s random long run thoughts

Falling down about 400 metres from my front door wasn’t exactly the best start to my running weekend. Especially because it wasn’t even a particularly impressive shunt.

It wasn’t like I was going fast: I was on a gentle warm-up jog on the way to my local Saturday morning Parkrun, turned a corner… and down I went. It was ridiculously slow speed – imagine the running equivalent of Robert Kubica’s Monte Carlo Rally crash, only without the vague excuse of ice.

Still, there was no real harm done, aside from scraping off a bunch of skin on my knee and leaving me aching a bit. Despite sporting a bit of blood I still made it to the Parkrun start, and set a strong time given the muddy conditions.

I was still aching a bit where I landed when I set off on today’s two-hour training run, but that eased off as the general aching that comes with running for two hours kicked in. Today’s run – in which I hugged the River Thames between Twickenham and Hampton Court Palace – was all about duration rather than speed, so I was pretty pleased to cover just over 15 miles in that time.

Mind you, that’s still 11 miles or so short of a marathon…

Sunday run

Anyway, two hours is a lot of thinking time. So here are this week’s random thoughts from my Sunday long run:

  • It really is very annoying when you want to get started on a long run and your GPS watch won’t sync up with whizzy satellite things
  • Great things about running for a set time, rather than distance: I can make up the route as I go along. I set out heading for Bushy Park, then randomly decided to run towards Twickenham…
  • Challenging things about running for a set time, rather than distance: trying to ensure I end up somewhere close to my front door at the right time. Amazingly, I somehow managed this
  • Why do people actually try to pet swans? That doesn’t seem like a good idea
  • Running beside a river is brilliant: it means the terrain is mostly flat
  • How exactly did the Vancouver Canucks blow a 2-0 lead and lose to the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday?
  • Energy gels. Still not sure. At least they’re easier to open when it’s warm enough that you don’t need to wear gloves
  • Hampton Court Palace. It’s a bit bling. That Henry VIII, he had a sense of style
  • There are some lovely restaurants on Kingston-upon-Thames riverfront. They look even nicer when you go past them 100 minutes into a long run
  • Kids: when your parents shout ‘kids, get out of the way’ at you, that probably means you’re in the way. So stopping instantly in the middle of a narrow footpath is probably not a good idea. Thanks.

Why I’m running: I’m tackling the 2016 London Marathon to raise money for the South West Children’s Heart Circle – a group that helped me when I had a heart operation. Please sponsor me by clicking the big button below.

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