FAQ: So, how’s the training going?

There are, at time of writing, 80 days until the 2016 London Marathon. I know this, because there’s a big countdown clock of doom on the homepage of the London Marathon website. It’s like a ticking time bomb of oncoming pain. Bring on the wall!

Anyway, with 80 days to go I’m now well into my training, and spending a considerable amount of my time thinking about the marathon – a mix of planning, preparation and mild panic. And since it’s taking up a good chunk of my thinking time, it probably stands to reason I’m also getting asked about it quite a lot. Most days now, someone asks me:

“So, how’s the marathon training going?”

Now, maybe they’re just being polite, maybe they’re protecting their hugely generous sponsorship investment (thinking of which, have you sponsored me to run the marathon yet? It’s for a great cause…), or maybe it’s because I’m a bit dull and they can’t think of anything else to talk to me about.

Whatever the case, it’s a common question, that I find difficult to answer. Why? Go on, ask me…

“So, how’s the marathon training going?”

Fine thanks. I go outside, and I run around for increasingly long periods of time. And… well… that’s about it.

Really, it is. At the moment, my training is all about building distance and stamina. My focus is on long runs at a medium pace. It’s just running. It’s not a race, it’s not particularly fast, and it’s not that interesting. Without going into the minutiae of mid-run refuelling or precise split times, there really isn’t much more to say.

I go outside… and I run around. For increasingly long periods of time.

Now, this will change in the coming weeks. I’ve got 10k races and half-marathons coming up, there’s race-pace planning, strategy to plot, logistics to study. Heck, I’ve got carb loading to look forward to, and there might even be a bit of tapering. There’s plenty of excitement* coming. But right now? I go outside… and I run around.

All that said, I’m truly grateful for anyone who asks. I’m spending loads of time thinking about the marathon – and it’s great to share that with people. I’m just sorry the answer isn’t more interesting right now.

But then, that’s marathon training. It’s not glamorous. It’s about the long runs, the hard miles, the hours of build-up and preparation. It’s effort and work, with the reward (hopefully) coming 80 days from now.

It’s about going outside… and running around. For increasingly long periods of time.

* Excitement in these subjects not guaranteed for those with no interest in marathon running

I’m going outside and running around in preparation to run the 2016 London Marathon for the South West Children’s Heart Circle. Please support a great cause by sponsoring me. Just click the big ‘Just Giving’ button below.
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