The big five-0 (days until the Marathon…)

A quick update. Today is Saturday March 5, 2016. This year’s London Marathon will be held on Sunday April 24. Which means that there are 50 days until this year’s London Marathon.


The London Marathon website. This morning. Yikes!

Fifty days.

Fifty days!

Fifty days doesn’t sound like a lot. Fifty days sounds pretty close.

Fifth days is pretty close.


A quick reminder. In 50 days (50 days!) I will be running the London Marathon to raise money for the South West Children’s Heart Circle. Less than two years ago, I honestly couldn’t run 2.6 miles. In 50 days, I’m running 26.2 of them.

I was born with a hole in my heart. It was operated on when I was six. I’m fine now, and that’s thanks to the doctors and nurses at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, and the brilliant support that me and my family received from the South West Children’s Heart Circle.

The South West Children’s Heart Circle provide support for children with heart conditions and their families, and also helps raise money for the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Any sponsorship money I receive will be going to a great local charity that will do really good things with it.

You can sponsor me by clicking the Just Giving button below. Thanks!

Right, I’m off to check in with my 50-day marathon training plan…

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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