Marathon countdown: three weeks to go (and I’m finally back running…)

So the London Marathon is three weeks today. That’s not far away, which has why it’s been so frustrating to be sidelined due to illness. I finally began to recover during the course of the last week and, while still not 100 per cent fit, woke up yesterday (Saturday) morning feeling well enough to get back to some form of running.

Since it was Saturday morning, I figured I’d make my running return on my local Parkrun. While I was feeling much improved, the cough from my illness was still present, and I could tell I didn’t have my full breathing capacity. So I took it very steady and easy – not that I could have gone any faster if I’d tried.

The result was a time over the 5k course more than two minutes off my norm, and my slowest Parkrun since July 2014 – a month or so after my first… But this wasn’t about time, and it felt so good to finally, finally be back out running.

This morning I went for a longer run. In theory, this was supposed to be the day I did the ‘big final long training run’ – a 20-mile effort. In the event, I was quite pleased to trot out about 14 miles at a greatly reduced pace, over the course of just over two hours. What stopped me in the end was my legs – I could feel the ache and decided it wasn’t worth risking injury by pushing too far to make up for lost ground.

It’s frustrating, because I can really the difference in my legs from before the illness to now. The main goal now is to recover fully so I can run at speed again.

In the end, I was sidelined from training for 11 days – by far the longest I’ve gone without running since I took it up two years ago, so it’s no surprise I’m not in the same condition I was before I fell ill. The challenge now is just to make the most of it, and get myself back into the best condition I can be.

It’s a bit hard not to wallow in self-pity. Luckily, my friends and family have been sympathetic – but quite good at shutting down any attempts I’ve made to moan about my predicament.

So I’m focusing on the good news again. I’m back running, albeit slowly. And now I’ve got three weeks to do what I can.

Best get started then.

I’m running the 2016 London Marathon to raise money for the South West Children’s Heart Circle. Any sponsorship would be gratefully appreciated. Click the ‘Just Giving’ button below for details on how to donate. Thanks!
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  1. cmmercer

    Glad to see you’re back running again. Remember, you’re not just back after some time off sick this also comes towards the end of a long training block so legs are bound to feel sluggish. Enjoy the taper and you’ll be fine for raceday!


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