That question about what’s next? I have the answer…

First off, a quick note: apologies that I haven’t updated this site lately. It’s not that I haven’t meant to. It’s just that I’ve been busy with work and family – and with the London Marathon out of the way, I’ve had a quiet few weeks of running.

That’s not to say I haven’t been running – I’ve done plenty – just that it’s been relaxing evening outings for pleasure, rather than part of a serious training regime. In turn, running hasn’t been occupying the bulk of my daily thoughts. That’s been quite refreshing, so I’ve had a break from writing about it too.

Anyway, I’m back writing again. And, not entirely coincidentally, I’ve just answered the question I’ve been asking since the London Marathon: What’s next?

We’re not just talking the next race here. Plenty of those entered. We’re talking the next big challenge, the next thing to focus my running efforts around. And the obvious answer is another marathon. Well, I’ve done one – I need to do a second to find out if I really enjoyed it or not. I’m still not sure.

There’s the possibility of the 2017 London Marathon, of course – I’ve joined 253,929 other people in entering the ballot for places. But I didn’t really want to spend several months waiting to see if my name was drawn out of a very big hat, and no other goal to aim for.

And now I don’t have to. Because I’ve just signed up for my second marathon. On January 15, 2017 – that’s 222 days from the time of writing – I’ve be contesting the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Yup, that’s Houston as in Houston, Texas.

Yee haw, pardner.

Signing up for the Houston Marathon isn’t quite as random as it might seem. My brother lives near there, and my running efforts seem to have sparked him into doing some races as well. While he was visiting last week, he suggested we should both sign up for the marathon. I thought he was joking… until he entered.

What has he done? Is he mad?

More to the point, could I really let him tackle such folly by himself? I would feel kind of… responsible. So… I entered.

What have I done? Am I mad?

Well, possibly. But, frankly, it’s exciting to have my next big challenge lined up. Plus, I can firmly blame someone else for this one. This is all my brother’s fault – especially because I specifically made him promise not to let me enter another marathon.

Still, I’ve got 222 days to prepare for marathon number two. And this one promises to be even more rootin’, tootin’ and generally Texan-stereotype packed than the first.



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