Where’s next? Yes, Ware’s next…

Last weekend, I was in Madrid. So where to this weekend? That’s right, Ware. Confused? I shall explain…

Last year, I went with my chum (and fellow London Marathon runner) Matt to visit some friends in Hertford. Because it’s the sort of thing you do in Hertfordshire, we took a boat along the River Lea. Where did we go? That’s right, we went to Ware. Where? Yes, Ware. Etc.

Okay, I’ll stop that now. For a bit.

You see, we took the Hertfordshire town of Ware in Hertfordshire (apparently the town name derived from the weirs built on the river in the area). But it sparked one of those in-jokes that just keeps on going. And then we discovered that there’s a race in Ware.

Sorry, where is the race? Yes, it’s in Ware. But where? Yes, Ware.

Okay, I’ll stop that now. For a bit.

Frankly, it was worth signing up to the race purely for the comedic value. So, on pretty much that basis alone, both me and Matt entered the Ware 10. Well, part of the Ware 10 – it’s actually two races in one, with 10k and ten-mile sections. Since the entry fee was the same, we both plumped for the ten-miler. Maximum value for money!

Is it silly to sign up to a race purely because of a very silly running gag about the town name? Maybe. But there’s more to it than that: doing races somewhere I haven’t been before (or, in the case of Ware, have had a quick lunch in after a boat trip…) is a great way to see new places.

I likely wouldn’t have been to Wokingham if I hadn’t done the half-marathon there. I certainly wouldn’t have been to East Malling Research Station in Kent if I hadn’t gone there for a 10k. I wouldn’t have been to Hook in Hampshire two years in a row, or run around Eastleigh on the Wyvern 10k. That last one is a race I did in 2015 and really enjoyed, but couldn’t return to this year. Why? Because it’s this weekend when I’ll be elsewhere. Elsewhere? Yes, in Ware. Where? Yes, Ware. Etc.

Okay, I’ll stop that now. For a bit.

Essentially, doing races is a great chance to see places you might never otherwise head to. While I always like the ease of doing races that stick close to home (and there are several that literally run past my house), you can’t beat the chance to see some new places.

So this weekend’s trip isn’t just about an in-joke, but about the enjoyment of running here, there and, indeed, everywhere.

Sorry, where? Yes, Ware. That’s right, where? Exactly, Ware.

I’d promise to stop that now, but I won’t. There’s going to be a lot of that on the way to Ware…


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