About me

My name is James Attwood. I write and edit words for a living, and I live in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames (although in the decidedly not-posh bit).

Around three years I took up running. Which surprised me, too. And after a few months I actually became pretty decent at it. Which surprised me even more.

Having started out in 2014 unable to run 2.6 miles (really, I actually couldn’t), I somehow ended up running 26.2 miles by tackling the 2016 London Marathon in 3h 28m 17s. More importantly, in doing so I raised some money for the South West Children’s Heart Circle.

Why? Well,  I was born with a hole in my heart. It was operated on when I was seven. I’m fine now. The Heart Circle provide support to families of children undergoing heart surgery in the south west (including mine, when I had my operation), and also help fund equipment for hospitals in the region. It’s a very worthy cause, honest.

This website is full of words I’ve written about running, initially inspired by my efforts to prepare for the London Marathon. I’ve since signed up to run the 2017 Chevron Houston Marathon, so you’ll find some stuff about that here too.

Hope you enjoy.